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CCTV monitoring and surveillance

CCTV is a very useful crime deterrent and detection tool - but it's even more effective when it's being monitored round the clock, allowing you to respond to situations FAST.

From CCTV monitoring to in-person surveillance by our dedicated security staff, we'll keep you one step ahead of the game when it comes to detecting and preventing suspicious or criminal activity.

Security Room
Music Festival

Crowd control

Putting on an outdoor music festival, indoor concert or special event? Crowd control is an essential component in keeping people safe, preventing injury, stopping dangerous or illegal behaviour in its tracks, and ensuring the event stays safe and fun for everyone. Contact us today for crowd control services.

Alarm response and keyholding

When your alarm sounds, we can be on hand to provide a rapid response. We'll arrive promptly, check the premises in full, and verify whether there are intruders on the property or whether it was a false alarm. We'll then take the appropriate action, either resetting the alarm or contacting the police, keeping you informed throughout.

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Business Team

Corporate security

As a commercial organisation, your IT systems, assets, corporate secrets, customers' data, work premises and even staff members could be at risk at any time. We provide a 100% bespoke security solution for businesses in Greater Manchester - from door guarding to personal protection, CCTV monitoring and alarm response.

Security Guard

Guard patrol

We can provide static guarding as well as security patrols. We'll cover every area of your premises on a regular or rotational basis, responding to any suspicious activity that takes place and providing a deterrent to anyone considering such crimes as trespassing, vandalism or theft.

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