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Looking for a flexible, part-time or full time job?


Macma Security and Cleaning Services Limited provides comprehensive services to clients. Our mission is to help clients feel secure, be restored and empowered to rise beyond their experiences. Full training is provided for our security and cleaning roles. We can help you obtain your SIA badge. 



We are looking for an experienced and professional Security Guards and cleaners to join our team. As a Security Guard, you will undertake the surveillance of our premises and the protection of our clients, staff and visitors. In addition, you will be responsible for detecting any suspicious happenings and preventing vandalism, thefts or any other criminal behaviour. We are also looking for cleaners for our contract cleaning services. 



  • Patrol premises regularly

  • Monitoring surveillance cameras and equipment

  • Inspecting buildings, equipment and access points

  • Authorize entrance of people and vehicles

  • Ensure the security, safety and well-being of all personnel and visitors

  • Report any suspicious behaviours and happenings to supervisors

  • Respond to alarms or suspicious noises, and react in a timely manner

  • Complete reports by recording observations, information, and occurrences

  • Submit reports of daily surveillance activity

  • Submit reports of every suspicious action

  • Protect and maintain confidential information

  • Adhere to all company service and operating standards


  • Hoovering and mopping floors

  • Dusting all surfaces

  • Mirror and glass cleaning

  • Kitchen & bathroom cleaning

  • Dishwashing

  • Oven cleaning

  • Emptying bins and recycling

  • Change bedding

  • Laundry and ironing

  • Replenish cleaning supplies and look after cleaning kit

  • Window cleaning

  • Carpet cleaning



  •  Experience as a Security Guard or similar role

  • Good understanding of legal guidelines for security and public safety

  • Knowledge of standard security concepts, practices and procedures

  • Experience with report writing

  • Outstanding surveillance and observation skills

  • Experience in monitoring surveillance systems

  • Trained in First Aid and self-defence

  • Appropriate physical fitness (able to run, lift, etc.)

  • Speak and understand English

  • SIA License



  • Critical thinker and problem-solving skills

  • Diligent and consistent performing duties at work

  • Team player

  • Excellent time-management skills

  • Personal character of honesty, trustworthiness, and integrity

  • Strong communication skills


  • Manage time effectively

  • Ability to work alone and in a team 

  • Reliable, trustworthy and hard working 

  • Punctual 

  • Aware of Health & Safety protocols

  • Fit to work


Please contact us if you need need more details 


Kindly select underneath to affirm you comprehend that all work through Macma is totally on an independently employed premise and all work is developed throughout some stretch of time.


I have read and understood the above statement.

* Our necessities   


Readiness to play out all the ordinary family assignments needed by your customers as well as could be expected 


Dependability and trustworthiness 


Ready to talk and convey to customers in English 


Supply somewhere around two composed references, before any work starts 


Brief participation for meetings and cleaning days at the time due - or notice to the customer and us well ahead of time in the event that you can't make it 


Adaptability to consider periodic oddball errands that require additional time, by exchange with your customer 


Obligation to keeping your customers content with an incredible work, without fail.

Independent work counsel and help 


Acting naturally utilized is a lot simpler than you may might suspect. The primary concerns to consider are: 


You're liable for making good on your duty and public protection 


You can acquire up to the individual stipend of £12,570 each prior year you need to settle any annual duty - that is around 25 hours out of every week 


On the off chance that your pay is higher than the individual stipend, you can guarantee the costs of neutralizing your duty, like attire and travel 


Whenever you have enrolled with HMRC, you should simply finish up a web-based government form toward the finish of every year; it just requires a couple of moments! 


On the off chance that you guarantee any advantages, (for example, lodging or occupation searchers stipend), you should tell them when you start work with us 


You can meet all requirements for in-work advantages, for example, working tax reductions