Frequently asked questions

* How long do I require? 

It relies upon the size of your home, the number of rooms and what amount is in them, in addition to the quality and profundity of cleaning that you require. 


At last the decision is yours, and you might need less or more hours and afterward focus on the rooms and tasks to be finished. 


The following is an overall aide for different property sizes: 



* What amount will I pay? 


Our hourly rates incorporate the cleaner's compensation and the office charge. Rates fluctuate contingent upon the space you're in and the quantity of hours you require every week. In the event that you'd like a free statement, get in touch with us! All we need from you is the inexact number of hours you need and your postcode.


* Do I meet my cleaner before the main clean? 


Obviously! We realize the cleaner will be in your home and that characters are regularly just about as significant as cleaning guidelines. When we pick a cleaner for you, we'll organize them to go along and meet you with the goal that you can endorse our decision and talk about the cleaning assignments you require. It's significant that your cleaner is somebody you like so there's no compelling reason to consent to the principal individual we send you. Whenever you're fulfilled that we've sent the perfect individual for you, you can then commonly organize a customary clean day and time. In the event that you'd prefer to skirt the meeting and go directly to cleaning this can likewise be masterminded.


* Would I be able to change my cleaner in case I am unsettled? 


Indeed, obviously, we have a huge and shifted cleaner base, and we'd be glad to dole out you somebody unique in case you are miserable under any condition. Simply call us.  


* What kind of agreement am I tied in to? 


We don't put stock in long and convoluted agreements and do have faith in being reasonable. Normally, similar to any business, we must have agreements, and these can be found in the footer of any page. In the event that you do at any point need to drop, all we ask is that you allow us  8 weeks notification.


* Will I must be at home when my cleaner visits? 


No, our cleaners are verified and are glad to hold your home keys. We will give you a Key Acknowledgment Form for your cleaner to sign.